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Our comprehensive financial planning approach goes beyond the simple choice of investments to take into account all aspects of your finances. We give you the information and advice you need to face your family’s future with confidence. Fullerton Securities offers financial planning and wealth management products to mass affluent and affluent customer segments.

Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning - Fullerton Securities

Financial planning is a systematic approach by which you plan your investments in order to maximize your existing financial resources by utilizing several financial tools.

Investing is an essential and indispensible element of financial planning to make your money grow or appreciate to fulfill long term financial goals – children’s education, retirement to purchasing your own home etc.

There are different ways of making an investment. It includes placing money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or even starting an enterprise. These options are referred to as ‘investment vehicles’.

Investments have a risk-reward spectrum. In accordance to your financial plans, you may invest in instruments with compatible risk and return ratios. As a general rule of thumb, higher the risk an investor takes on an investment, the greater potential returns he/she stands to make and vice versa. The focus is on returns and the spectrum, in terms of risk, runs from conservative to very aggressive. One way to measure results is by weighing expected returns against anticipated risks.